SheBeat Meets… Bryony Williams

I first had the pleasure of talking with Bryony Williams back in November of 2019 in the Digbeth studios of Brum Radio. She was on the bill for a Slag Mag Launch Party earlier in the same year at Hare & Hounds. Fast forward to 2021 and I’ve keenly followed her adventures and duly bought her new music offerings, I even caught up with her during lockdown 0.2 over Zoom. We all did a lot of those this last 12 months. Penning her first songs aged just 15 years old, Bryony is from Wolverhampton and has fond memories of growing … Continue reading SheBeat Meets… Bryony Williams

Women in Music in Books

A review of some ace reads about women in music, in books. First up Viv Albertine’s Clothes, Clothes, Clothes, Music, Music, Music, Boys, Boys, Boys. Like most great reads, I was recommended this one. Like most recommends, who it was that recommended it is lost to the mists of time. But thank you. I loved this book. I had very little prior knowledge about who Viv was, what happened in punk in London during this period or what women in music were doing during this time. I accept this was poor scholarship on my part. I am duly now on … Continue reading Women in Music in Books

SheBeat Meets… Eloise Fabbri

This time around on SheBeat Meets, Brum Radio’s favourite singer-songwriter showcase, is Eloise Fabbri. A sassy singer-songwriter, originally from Guernsey, Eloise came to the Midlands via Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. There she trained in a classical space, then moved into teaching, before just this year finding her own, more jazzy voice. With influences ranging from Erika Badu, Italian pop rock and Kojey Radical, this songwriter loves lyrics with depth and sass, which you can hear in her own tracks. Eloise started working on her own tracks earlier this year, and is hoping to publish her first EP in 2020, we heard … Continue reading SheBeat Meets… Eloise Fabbri