SheBeat Meets… Bryony Williams

Bryony Williams loves a water fight and makes marvellous music.

I first had the pleasure of talking with Bryony Williams back in November of 2019 in the Digbeth studios of Brum Radio. She was on the bill for a Slag Mag Launch Party earlier in the same year at Hare & Hounds. Fast forward to 2021 and I’ve keenly followed her adventures and duly bought her new music offerings, I even caught up with her during lockdown 0.2 over Zoom. We all did a lot of those this last 12 months.

Penning her first songs aged just 15 years old, Bryony is from Wolverhampton and has fond memories of growing up surrounded by music thanks to her dad Dave. Her dad also took her to her first gig – Paul McCartney – which is frankly the coolest first gig I’ve ever heard of! And when she was only 9 years old, dad Dave bought her a small, red Squire guitar, so it’s safe to say she had encouragement from home for her musical aspirations.

Writing in notebooks about being a teen full of feelings, she recalls her first song came from a school assignment and remembers the sense of freedom it inspired. Bryony loves to perform and enjoys it even more now she plays with a full band. In 2019, Bryony rocked out in style during the Birmingham support spot with fantastic band She Drew The Gun from Liverpool.

Songs performed during our studio chat: The Cute Song, Little Tree and freshly inked I Can Be.

Somewhat of a morning person, Bryony likes to start the day creatively, especially after any inspirational dreams. She loves nothing more than to jump out of bed and pick up the guitar. Bryony says she loves the therapy writing gives her – “clearing the brain fog” – and takes these skeletons of songs to local producer Matthew Pinfield, who helps her “to spark creatively”.

Funding platform Patreon is on her mind during this period, and we touch on a TED talk about asking for money as an artist by Amanda Palmer. With so many ‘free’ ways to enjoy music it’s essential that audiences show some (fiscally flavoured) love and support new music makers, somehow. You can support Bryony on her Bandcamp.

Bryony chose new artist Beabadoobee/ Space Cadet as her inspo track and I’m thrilled she did because it was my first intro to a fantastic artist who released her debut album this year.

I caught up again with Bryony during lockdown in September 2020 via Zoom. The coronavirus pandemic cut short her planned year travelling and she had to return home, but when we caught up she was about to head off to spend some time in Berlin. In 2020 Beth Shalom Records signed Bryony for her State I’m In EP which they published on a sassy coloured vinyl. Keep an eye out for Bryony’s next musical offering which will be a co-release with BSR and her own label Grrrl Groannn.

SheBeat Meets was a new music live podcast recorded weekly for Brum Radio before the lockdown turned life upside down for everyone involved. You can listen again to all the episodes, and notice the keenly-met guest gender balance, on the Mixcloud channel for Brum Radio. Hopefully there will be new episodes, one day soon.

Listen to the original SheBeat Meets episode.

Check this playlist from Bryony which she updates regular with new tunes she digs.

Meggie Brown also features in this episode.

More from SheBeat on Bandcamp.

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