lily marty with flowers

Review: Lily Rieke Marty releases the dreamy ‘Come Call Me Love’

Dreamy, hazy and summery, Cambridge based artist Lily Rieke Marty released her brand new single ‘Come Call Me Love’ on August 7th.

Written on the spot and produced almost instantly, ‘Come Call Me Love’ is a spontaneous art pop single with hushed acoustic tones. The lyrics, almost whispered over an acoustic guitar, were never planned, and allowed Lily Marty to revisit them retrospectively and see what came out from her inner conscious.

“Me and my producer found it interesting to see what words and feelings develop from the subconscious mind” Lily said. “Writing my song in this format gave me the chance to understand the meaning of my song after it was written. This song represents, what I call, the ‘what now?’ period of a break up. The stillness, repetitive exhaustion of not quite finding who you are.”

The track simmers away in an almost serene melancholy, clinging on to the moment before the last goodbye in a break up. Any spec of impurity that would normally be mixed away only adds to the vulnerability and openness of the track, with the spontaneity of the track only elevating those feelings of not knowing who you are that inspired Lily. Fans of Beabadoobee and Matilda Mann will fall in love with Lily’s music, which has been performed at protest movements such as Love Music Hate Racism and at YouthStrike4Climate.

‘Come Call Me Love’ is available to stream and download from Soundcloud and Spotify. Follow Lily Rieke Marty on Instagram for more.


Feature image by Mayan Marty.

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