Anna Straker shares beautiful, healing new track ‘London Knows’

TW: Sexual Assault

Known for her emotive yet gripping pop bangers such as ‘Just Because’, ‘I Got The Beat’ and ‘Sweat‘, London producer, songwriter and musician Anna Straker has released the gripping, emotional single ‘London Knows’.

The single and video, released on July 17th, sees Anna bear her most personal fears about the city that she lives in feeling unfamiliar and scary to her. On a trip to Bangkok last year, Anna was drugged, taken in a car and assaulted.

“What started as a fun night out ended up with me being lost for hours and drugged with something so strong that I couldn’t remember my own name” she said in a statement on Facebook. “It was the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me and I was so traumatised… coming back home I felt so different, London felt unfamiliar, and doing the things I normally did every weekend was suddenly triggering for me. I wrote this song about healing, and the uncertainty of recovery. Knowing I was going to feel better one day but not knowing when, and hoping that London will eventually feel like home again.”

“During this pandemic, we have all felt these same feelings of uncertainty, hoping for the world to heal and return to normal again. I hope you listen to this song and remember that whatever the world throws at you, you can be whole again, you can heal, and you can come home.”

Watch Anna’s video for London Knows below, and catch our interview with her in the latest issue of Slag Mag releasing this August.


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