Bryony Williams returns with summery new single ‘I Can Be’

After travelling around Thailand and Asia at the start of 2020 (before the trip was ultimately cut short by you-know-who), solo singer Bryony Williams penned ‘I Can Be’, the new single from her upcoming third EP ‘State I’m In.’

Shropshire born and West Midlands based Bryony is also celebrating signing to Beth Shalom records, releasing ‘State I’m In’ EP with them on September 18th. ‘I Can Be’ is a change of gears for Bryony, who in the past has created beautiful, melancholic bedroom indie that filled her ‘Conscious’ EP. Seemingly refreshed, ‘I Can Be’ plunges into a bold sound, backed by a full band, with cooling waves of guitar and steady beats that back up the beaming positivity that radiates from the track.
“‘I Can Be’ was written and recorded pre-lockdown, before I boarded on a one-way flight to Bangkok in January” Bryony said. “The song’s premise was to remind myself while travelling, that whatever I’m doing, which is living for the present and having no plans, career, and other looming ‘adult’ commitments is a-okay. It’s to dispel the paranoia also around what others may think of you for not exactly doing the conventional, because I often do get paranoid about such things. So with that, ‘I Can Be’ is kind of a hype song.”
“Once you get past the underlying premise of the song, then it’s time to evolve, honey. Find your core confidence again, forget people’s possible perceptions of you, and own it! As long as you’re having fun then surely that’s the basis of living life with no regrets. Shove a water gun up your nose! Who cares!?”
With lockdown seemingly dragging on forever, Bryony William’s ‘I Can Be’ is a much needed escape. The combination of acoustic guitar, marrying electric and the carefree attitude the song carries, ‘I Can Be’ is that summer indie hit you’ve been waiting for.
Stream ‘I Can Be’ by Bryony Williams now and keep an eye on her socials for news on her upcoming EP.

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