We need to talk about what is happening in Yemen

Yemen is facing one of the biggest humanitarian crisis we have ever seen. But the world falls silent.

A pandemic will bring its struggles to everyone. Life as we know it falls still. It’s a mountainous task to contain it, but imagine battling Covid, an outbreak of Chloera, war and famine all at once?

This is the reality for families and children living in Yemen every day. As you can imagine, their health care system has been obliterated under this pressure. Back in 2018 the United Nations predicted that 14 million people would starve, and the vat majority of people do not have basic food, water and shelter.

The world is combatting many things right now – a global pandemic, racial injustice, transphobia and the rollback of LGBTQ+ rights, but this isn’t something that should be pushed to the bottom of the pile.

So what can I do to help?

Every 10 minutes, a child dies in Yemen.

You can donate to Yemen relief organisations, such as Islamic Relief, Project Hope and Save The Children just to name a few.

You can also sign petitions to govern action, such as this one on Change.org or this one on Amnesty International. 

Be sure to stay informed and educated on what is happening – just because it doesn’t make the top headline, doesn’t mean its not an emergency issue. There are many websites who have spoke about this issue such as Unicef, CNN, and UN news.

Big thanks to Muslim on Instagram for creating a concise list of resources.


Image courtesy of Khaled Abdullah/Reuters

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