WATCH: Anna Straker soaks us in her party anthem ‘Sweat’

In a world where the kitchen is now your dance floor, Anna Straker’s new anthem ‘Sweat’ is the one track every DJ (you) should play.

After her heartbreak hit ‘Just Because’ took over the UK via her stomping ground of East London, the producer, singer and musician Straker is back with a real dance pop sugar crush ‘Sweat’.
Although a packed room full of sweaty club lovers may seem but a distant memory now, Straker is figuratively and literally dripping in party euphoria in her new video released today (April 24). Filmed by Jordan Rossi who has worked with the famed Rankin, ‘Sweat’ is a welcome disruption full of big hair, bigger beats and bold colours that will turn almost anywhere into your dance floor.
A successor to 2019 club banger ‘I Got The Beat’, ‘Sweat’ is a powerful pop contender with a promiscuous hook that takes you by the hand, leading you into a night of debauchery powered by heavy dance bass and beats.
“‘Sweat’ is all about the beautifulness and the grossness of clubbing” explained Anna. “Most things have been totally screwed up by the virus, and we did wonder whether to put ‘Sweat’ out. But people will still be watching and streaming, so we thought fuck it, why not?”
Sweat is available to buy and stream now. Like what you hear? Keep an eye on Anna Straker as one of the next big names in 2020, with a new interview coming in the next edition of Slag Mag this summer.
Photographer: Jordan Rossi
Hair: Brady Lea
Makeup: Elaine Lynskey
Styled by: Rebecca Seager

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