Review: Naz & Ella debut the powerful single ‘Freedom’

By Filipa Gaspar

In recent times, the world might seem to have stopped for a while and people tend to forget that social issues such as oppression, suffering and abuse continues in a deplorable way. Naz & Ella’s latest single ‘Freedom’ tells us the experience of Rahaf Mohammed, a young Saudi Arabian woman that fought to run away from her abusive family and oppressive system with the wish to making it to Australia, where she could finally find harmony and empowerment.

Based in London, this indie-folk duo knows how to deliver a clear message by its direct and uplifting speech, that is almost possible to perceive the protagonist’s emotions and desires throughout the song. “Is this what freedom feels like?” sing Naz & Ella, after Rahaf is stopped in Thailand and almost deported back to Saudi, where she could’ve been incarcerated or even murdered. She eventually arrived at her destiny, a destiny dreamed by a high number of women around the world in similar situations.

This single arrives to me in a pretty curious time where I have just finished reading ‘Persepolis’ from Marjane Satrapi, an Iranian woman who, unlike Rahaf’s case, had the chance to leave her authoritarian country by the approval of her parents. It’s crucial to address that despite the disparities between these cases, freedom of speech and thought were and still persist on being denied, therefore women’s fight for equal human rights can’t stop, especially in a time where people are distracted and worried about the virus.

Naz & Ella’s velvety voices combine with a dark finger-style riff, creating a perfect melody to ear during a late afternoon. Now, they are focused in writing more songs for their second EP, however you can look out for their first EP ‘In Limbo’, which delicately covers themes such as Brexit, gun control in the US and freedom of love – a perfect mixture to challenge our minds!

If you want to carry on listening Naz & Ella, follow them on Bandcamp, Facebook and their own website.

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