SheBeat Meets… MeMe Detroit

MeMe Detroit is real pocket rocket. I had heard great things about MeMe before she arrived in the Brum Radio studio for SheBeat Meets, being very visible on the local music scene, and she did not disappoint. In the studio a few months ago, MeMe joined me for a special International Women’s Day all-female lineup showcase which was really cool, and very much all killer, no filler.

The indie grunge artist from Birmingham calls her genre ‘uplifting angst’, starting out as a solo artist, but now there’s a band to accompany her for the noise-making. MeMe first started songwriting as a creative eight-year-old, learning piano, but says the proper songwriting began about 15 years ago. What MeMe loves most about songwriting, she tells us, is the passion and connection it brings to her life. The way that music can move another human being, in the same way she’s been moved by other songwriters including Bob Marley, who she first discovered through her parent’s record collection. Radiohead were a big first love as she found her independence as a music fan, and she recalls her first live gig experience seeing Jamiroquai. His very energetic performance went on to influence MeMe’s own on-stage persona. PJ Harvey is another inspiration for MeMe, and the Mercury Award-winning album ‘Stories from the City Stories from the Sea’ is a firm favourite. No arguments here, it’s a SheBeat fave too.

MeMe created the independent record label Soul Rock Central a few years ago. Initially it was an events company, which then grew into a music publishing affair. And while MeMe has only published her own music so far, the aim is to publish other bands and artists in the future. Talking about community record labels from around the world, MeMe name-checked Cool Thing Records based out of Brighton as an inspiration. Birmingham is a great music city, with a great sense of community, and MeMe said she senses an excitement on the local scene, and a sense of growing, with events such as Birmingham Music Awards getting behind local talent.

During the podcast session, Me Me performed self-penned songs in a stripped-back style. She performed tracks ‘Get Down On With Me’ (written for the soundtrack of British film ‘Relentless’), ‘Run Riot’, and ‘How She Runs’ and talked about her forthcoming release ‘Can’t Get You Out of my Mind’ – all of which are available for streaming in the usual places. I recommend you check out her back catalogue immediately. And stay tuned, there is a lot more to come from the talented Ms Detroit.

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