SheBeat Meets… Quinn Lam

Quinn Lam launched her wonderful debut album in February this year. ’20 Year Old Car’ is a six-year-in-the making production, nine tracks of celtic blues influenced guitar-led sounds. Produced (despite too many house moves) by friend Chloe Juliette and then mixed and mastered by Paul Johnston, in a leafy space over in Bidford-on-Avon, the album is toe-tappingly good.

Quinn inherited her first guitar from her dad, a Yamaha APX, and says while other kids were out having teenage fun she was at home learning guitar riffs. This clearly paid off, because Quinn can seriously shred. Inspiration comes from other fantastic women guitarist songwriters, from Scottish troubadour KT Tunstall to bluegrass queen Molly Tuttle.

Quinn’s musical motto is ‘needs more guitar’, and claims some tracks on the album feature up to 19 tracks (she compromised when her producer said 20 was too many). Songs featured on the podcast were title track, 20 Year Old Car, Soldier of Fortune and Soul Who Travelled, but every album track is a lush guitar-led story that unfolds gently in your ear. 2020 plans include more music making and performing live in and around Birmingham, make sure you take time to check her out live (she also plays guitar with Ruth and the Ark who played at our August Issue 2 party) and stream her at much as you can.

For more SheBeat Meets check out her podcast.

For more Quinn Lam find her on Facebook.

For more SheBeat check out her Facebook.

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