Review: Wonderful Celtic Quartet Peplo debut new single ‘Tall’

By Emelia Eagles

Established in 2016, Peplo have become regular faces on the Scottish unsigned scene, supporting and headlining a host of shows across the Glaswegian circuit.

Tall has been out a short while now and has already garnered some pretty impressive airplay, featuring on  CamGlen Radio‘s Rebellious Dukebox,  BBC Radio nan Gàidheal and Scots Whay Hae! Podcast.

Tall’s 90s vibes will have you raiding your Ma’s attic for long-lost double denim and miscellaneous gothic shag bands – it’s the perfect soundtrack for staring melancholically out of the window on a long car journey, pretending you’re in a music video whilst it absolutely shits it down outside.

Cit (vocals) apocalyptically haunting voice is juxtaposed with bold spiralling melodies and poignant, palatable riffs. A subtle but suiting heavier build towards the end with a few sneaky breakdowns echo the likes of The Cranberries and 10,000 Maniacs.

A great song to accompany rebellious running through fields of wheat, be sure to head over to their socials to check out upcoming shows, listen to their live performances and have a goosey-gander at the merch.

Released: 21st Feb.

Available to stream on: Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp and others:

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