Die Das Der-mazing: a review of Mouses, Wax Futures + more

Those wonderful humans over at Die Das Der invited me and my stupid massive polaroid camera along to Ye Olde Muthers studio last month to sample the fruits of their labour.

By Emelia Eagles

Die Das Der is a regular showcase of local talent brought by a whole collective of people, including Exotic Pets own De- Facto leader Becky Kelly-Williams, Adam Kelly-Williams (also from Exotic Pets), Paul Broome (from the band Fauxchisels) and Greg Smith (from Modern Literature / Ghosts of Dead Airplanes).

This month’s production marked the evolving success of Die Das Der by bringing us two out-of-town-ers, 80s Telly Witch inspired Grotbags and Teeside’s experimental thrift-store sheik grunge duo, Mouses. Anyhow, we drank, had much merriment and partied relentlessly. 

The first Die Das Der that I remember (I think I’ve been before, but there was a wine) was all-round Bostin. Here’s a rundown of the night:

Exotic Pets.

I always wonder why they never called themselves ‘Erotic Pets’, but I suppose there would be questions at the very least and a few raised eyebrows over the artwork. Anyway, I rapidly and unnecessarily digress. Exotic Pet’s live performance is coming along leaps and bounds and their spin on art-rock noise rage is a fine-tuned sound unique to them. Lots of energy and excitement in the trio’s stage presence, think Sheryl’s Magnetic Aura and Urusei Yatsura. ExP plan to release more goodness this year so keep your eat trumpet tuned, but in the meantime, head over to their Bandcamp or Spotify and check them out.

Big Tune: Hot boys on Campus. 

Faux Chisels.

Die Das Der stalwarts set the pace for the night with their Art Brut inspired noise- if you close your eyes it’s kinda like Derek Akorah has evoked the spirit of Eddie Argos and catapulted him through a vortex into Muthers Studio. Their subtle no thrills approach to rock and/or roll is wholesome and satisfying to the pallet. There’s also rumours of a new album in 2020 so keep your lugholes peeled.

Big Tune: Mad Max Too.


An unabashed favourite of the night, this five piece injected some not-so-family-friendly observational comedy into indie pop-punk. Grotbags front-bab talks about the REAL issues facing today’s youth, such as 27 unsolicited dick pictures on your phone, morbidly obese babies and dating European goths. Despite technical glitches which were apparently due to the ghost of Cilla Black in the machine, Grotbags really did deliver some exceptional ‘pop-medy’ (fucking hell) and they broke up the sets exquisitely. Wouldn’t be out of place as the questionable credit rolling band at the End of Eurotrash.

Big Tunes: Tinder Surprise.

Wax Futures.

 An epic performance with a huge sound for such a small set up. Tighter than a hamster’s hoo-ha, Wax Futures are very much a live band. Not that their digital outputs aren’t top-drawer, more so their energy and boisterously graceful sound is something that’s tricky to encapsulate on a record. Big, big guitars with grandiose distortion and effervescent melodies, putting one in mind of Trail of Dead’s Madonna.

Big Tune: (My body is a) Landfill.


Rounding off the night in a cacophonous frenzy, this two-piece hailing from Billingham in Teeside brought a touch of audience participation to the table with their thrift store, riot scented grunge anthems. With an output heavily reminiscent of the early Manics ‘Holy Bible’ era, Mouses were full of poetic rage, with heavily distorted, beautifully trashy riffs shimmering throughout. Mouses were aggressively energetic and brought the show to the people with a nice little acoustic sing along in the middle of the set. How lovely! They’re also ruddy nice people as well which always helps. Bit worried about the drummers nips with all that tape on em’ though. Hell, he’s a professional, I’m sure he has extra tape.

Big Tunes: Poison.

If you haven’t already, get your tickets for Die Das Der Presents: Girls in Synthesis at Muthers Studio on the 6th March, and be sure to catch their take-over of The Juke on March 20th. Head on over to the Facebook page and give them a cheeky little like, go on, you slag!

Ta’ra a bit.

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