Review: Hi Sienna get Lovesick on brand new single

Hi Sienna are here to help us through the longest month ever with their latest release, ‘Lovesick’.

By Emelia Eagles

With January being the all round dog-shit-sandwich month of the year that it is, love songs are not generally my go to pick me up, but it turns out that Hi Sienna’s second release ‘Lovesick’ has proved my not-at-all-bitter views of love songs aggressively wrong.

The follow up to their November 19th debut ‘Favourite Thing’, Hi Sienna’s latest release is a much needed dose of charismatic soul food on this, the 374th day of January.

‘Lovesick’ explores the nauseating infection of falling in love through vibrant lyrics, bold guitars and energetic percussion. Pelting out fun and bouncy melodies, this track delivers sparkling ambience in all the right alt-pop places. Fronted by Poppy’s bitter sweet husky vocals and the bands over all effortless professionally cool personas, Hi Sienna are a vibrant anomaly in both sound and image.

For fans of Orchards, Two Door Cinema and Friendly Fires.

‘Lovesick’ is available to steam on January 31st on Spotify, but you can head over there now and checkout ‘Favourite Thing’. Check out the usual socials Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for upcoming shows.


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