Get to meet… SheBeat with new single ‘Catch Your Breath’

Originally from Liverpool, SheBeat is the musical blessing brought to us by Jodie Schofield.

By Hayley James

SheBeat recently released the single ‘Catch Your Breath’ towards the end of 2019, and its definitely a track to add to your morning playlist to uplift you for a busy morning, a sunday chill out mix or even a bonfire-side summer evening soundtrack.

The track opens with bright and uplifting acoustic guitar, that has a vaguely familiar resonance to it; drawing heavily on 1990s indie pop. Jodie’s vocal shimmers on to the track within the first 20 seconds of the song, giving a more 1960s or 1970’s folk element to the tune. With lyrics like “catch your breath, take your time”, there’s something quite hypnotic and soothing about the track. The overall mantra of the song is something everyone could take a note from in this hectic world; slow down and take stock of the bright side of life, and appreciate the pure loving support of close relationships and friendship.

As the song progresses, a clap along beat becomes more prominent in the mix, which enforces the communal  feel of the song, rendering a warm fuzzy feeling, that can only be an uplifting experience as you listen to it.

Give this track a listen if you are a fan of the likes of Norah Jones, Corinne Bailey Rea and Katie Melua, or better still catch her at the Jamhouse in Jewellery Quarter on 25th February for the full live experience.

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