Watch: Cherry Pickles serenade a sausage roll in new track ‘Subway Jane’

Birmingham’s favourite garage duo are back to cause trouble on the streets once again, this time with their new single ‘Subway Jane’.

By Katie Lester

After the release of their brilliantly addictive debut ‘Cherry Pickles Will Harden Your Nipples’ in 2019, Mimi Bowron and Pricila Baker return to their rough and ready, record-crackling clad garage riffs and muffled bilingual lyrics for their response to Joe Brataan’s ‘Subway Joe’.

“It’s a 60s Latin soul gem about a guy and a girl fighting over a seat on the NY Subway. I thought it would be funny to write from the perspective of the girl he sings about” says singer and guitarist Priscila, whilst drummer Mimi Bowron added: “I just dribble when I hear it because it reminds me of my new favourite thing: A Greggs vegan sausage roll.”

‘Subway Jane’ is the B-side from a 7 inch for Flying Vinyl, whilst also a saucy warm up to their highly anticipated second album.

The beauty is in the stripped back simplicity of Cherry Pickles. Shedding garage songs to their romantic four chord core, driven by stomp along beats that will bring the devil out in anyone. ‘Subway Jane’ is the temptress that those who fell in love with Cherry Pickles’ debut will bend over backwards for.

Whilst we wait for the duo to create more eccentric garage beats and Latin discotheque anthems, sink your teeth into Subway Jane’s sausage roll (not in that way).


Buy Cherry Pickles music here.

New music we’ve also been loving: Georgia’s ‘Seeking Thrills‘, The Big Moon’s ‘Walking Like We Do‘ and Arlo Parks’ ‘Sophie’ EP.

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