SheBeat Meets… Eloise Fabbri

This time around on SheBeat Meets, Brum Radio’s favourite singer-songwriter showcase, is Eloise Fabbri.

A sassy singer-songwriter, originally from Guernsey, Eloise came to the Midlands via Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. There she trained in a classical space, then moved into teaching, before just this year finding her own, more jazzy voice. With influences ranging from Erika Badu, Italian pop rock and Kojey Radical, this songwriter loves lyrics with depth and sass, which you can hear in her own tracks.

Eloise started working on her own tracks earlier this year, and is hoping to publish her first EP in 2020, we heard live performances of tracks Present, In Motion and Down, delightful and soulful in style and delivery.

The trials and tribulations of a music maker with a day job came up in conversation, as recently Eloise stopped working full time as a teacher to give her a bit more flexibility and creative time. Artists have bills to pay too, and often it’s a juggle to keep on top of both outputs. We talked about crowdfunding and the rise of that within the music community in the UK, Patreon for example is hugely popular in the US, but yet to make a real difference in the UK market. But platforms like these give enthusiasts the chance to put their money where their mouth is, which can only be a good thing for the future of direct funding for independent artists. 

Eloise has a joyful energy, a brightness in the room, and I’m looking forward to hearing more from her as she develops her contemporary songwriting. Highly recommend you keep an eye on her 2020 music making!

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