Review: The Guilty Feminist Live

Words by Lauren Morton.

Slag Mag caught The Guilty Feminist Live at Birmingham’s very own Symphony Hall.

Known for starting every episode with the line “I’m a feminist but…”, the podcast discusses issues that ‘all 21st Century feminists agree on’.

Taking to the stage in her fabulous ‘green sequined Jedi cape’ was Deborah Frances-White, the leader of the evenings ‘feminist gospel church’ who had brought with her a fantastic line up of women comedians and musicians including Sophie Duker, Me for Queen and Catherine Bohart.  Discussing topics across a wide range including sexuality, age, race and Uber drivers named Daddy, the evening felt like a gathering of likeminded friends, with the phrase “I’ve found my tribe” used more than once. One standout moment saw comedian and actress Jenny Éclair run on stage in her bra and knickers, proudly dancing to Blondie whilst cheered on by the crowd.

The second half of the evening handed over the limelight to three Birmingham groups who are doing amazing things to help the refugee community in the city; Birmingham Artivista, Kings Heath Action and Bearwood Action. A supporter of refugees herself, it was fantastic that Deborah gave these groups a well-deserved platform in front of a home crowd.

With over 2000 seats in the venue, it would have been easy for the evening to feel less than intimate. However, the sincerity and passion of those on stage, combined with audience back and forth (expect to see a lot of podcast merch on the number 50 bus), gave the event a sense of comradery. Like any good ladies’ night, the evening ended rather aptly with an impromptu karaoke outburst of Gloria Gaynor classic I will Survive.

The Guilty Feminist Live tour runs until 1st June throughout the UK, to find out more click here.


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