Listen to Sofa King’s new single ‘Gucci Lemon Square’

Birmingham’s reigning alt-rock weirdo Sofa King (who you may also know as part of the duo Kim’s Cold Food Company) has released her new, raucous and absolute single ‘Gucci Lemon Square’.

“It’s called ‘Gucci Lemon Square’ just because those amount of syllables fit in the guitar line” Dianne bashfully admitted to CREATR. However, ‘Gucci Lemon Square’ is no where near as modest as this description.

Each note is as highly modified and constructed as physically possible in this short but sweet (and sticky, see what we did there?) number, perhaps in a reference to our own lovely capitalist world. Guitar notes turn into Tron-esque video game sound effects, whilst the middle eight melts into a reverb filled daydream and drums frantically keep up with chaos.

Sofa King added: “It’s just wild, and out of control. This song nearly got scrapped, I tried writing it and I just couldn’t get the drums for it. I just jammed with my drummer and then recorded it and looped it. It’s super processed.”

Processed is the perfect metaphor here. Each sound is meticulously morphed and molded into something its not, toying with the anti-capitalist punk undertones that are shrouded by the pandemonium. “Fill your pockets with our products, fill that hole in your soul… just got to get that Gucci.”

But don’t let the word ‘capitalist’ scare you. This song is ridiculously crazy, a toilet-swirly of alt-pop on acid dripping in Gucci fabric. And it’s lemon scented for that added bonus.

Watch the video for ‘Gucci Lemon Square’ below.

Sofa King will be performing on May 7 at Hare and Hounds supporting Pregoblin, and appearing as Kim’s Cold Food Company on May 5th at the next Bad Girls event at The Sunflower Lounge.

Words by Sophie Hack.

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