Review: Jessie Cave at Birmingham Hippodrome

Words by Lauren Morton.

This weekend Slag Mag were lucky enough to catch actress and illustrator Jessie Cave’s sold-out show at Birmingham Hippodrome’s Patrick Centre.

Greeted by an embroidered backdrop of the sun, lovingly handmade by her mum, the audience also sees a set made from a series of blankets and comforters draped over s stair-gate cage, to signify the fenced in double bed she shares with her two young children; she even has pillow versions of her most recent love interests.

Sunrise is a one woman show, in which Jessie monologues about the series of struggles she has experienced with parenthood, social media and being a role model and mentor in a cabin of the London Eye. Much of the performance is focused on how Jessie has dealt with life after breaking up with the father of her two children, fellow comic Alfie Brown.

In the hour-long piece, Jessie takes the audience on a very candid journey of how she coped with juggling being a mother, a cool breezy ex and a sexy new girlfriend all at the same time.

Although well versed in performing this show now, Jessie’s dialogue flows as if she is having a natural conversation with the audience and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that there were times when I felt like she could have been talking just to me. She brings charm, wit and honesty to a full yet intimate space.

Jessie Cave will be performing Sunrise throughout the UK, to find out more click here.

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